Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited will have its ‘SVL’ Race Day at Caymanas Park, on Tuesday December 27, 2016.  This is the third leg of our 2-Year-Old Horseracing Series for this year. We intend to have a promotion on site for punters at the Race Track to include the Plinko Player Board to win prizes and also Spin the Wheel to win prizes.

Christmas Plinko Promotion Mechanics

1.     All patrons must be 18 years and over to enter

2.     Tickets entered must be purchased for draws on December 27, 2016

3.     Customers purchase a single ticket valued at $200.00 of the Money Time game from one of the three (3) Supreme Ventures Promotion Booths (North Lounge, Clubstand and Grandstand) at Caymanas Track on December 27, 2016.

4.     To enter the Christmas Plinko promotion, customers should use their non-winning Money Time Tickets which must accompany the following information on the back of the ticket:

a.     The Money Time Slogan – “Win Every 5 Minutes”

b.     Full Name

c.     Address

d.     Telephone number

5.     The non-winning Money Time tickets must be dropped in one of the entry boxes located at one of the three booths (North Lounge, Clubstand and Grandstand) at Caymanas Track.

6.     Entries will be collected and placed in a drum on the stage in the Winners Enclosure area.

7.     Two (2) lucky non-winning Money Time tickets will be drawn in the Winners Enclosure three (3) times throughout the day at the following times (approximately):

a.     1:30pm

b.     2:30pm

c.     3:30pm

All entries submitted before 1:30 pm are eligible for all three (3) draws.

8.     The two (2) winners of each draw will be invited on stage via telephone and announced over the P.A. System to get the opportunity to play our Plinko game on stage. In the Plink game each winner will get one (1) chip to drop in the Plinko board; the chip will fall along the pegs and land on a prize value at the bottom of the board. The entrant will then win the prize value the chip lands on the board.

9.     Two (2) back up entries will be drawn along with the two (2) winners.

10.     In the event that any of the first Two (2) winners drawn (for any draw) cannot be contacted via announcement through the PA system or by telephone three (3) times to the number listed on the back of the non-winning Money Time Ticket (no answer or voicemail) within five (5) minutes of their non-winning Money Time Ticket being selected in the Winners Enclosure, the opportunity to play the Plinko Board will be forfeited and the entrant of the first alternate non-winning ticket will be contacted, for eligibility to choose from the Plinko Board.

11.     The Plinko Board will have prize values ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 at the base of the board.

12.     Total number of winners for the day = 6.

13.     The maximum payable in prizes is $50,000.00.

14.     The prizes will be paid via cheque in the Winner’s Enclosure at Caymanas Park immediately after each draw.

15.     Winners will be required to acknowledge receipt of the prize won

16.     A valid identification is required to collect prizes. Acceptable forms of identification are:

a.     Driver’s Licence

b.     Passport

c.     Voters ID

d.     Work ID

17.     Winners without ID at the track will be required to collect their prizes at the Corporate Office – 4th Floor R. Danny Williams Building, 28 – 48 Barbados Ave, Kingston 5 – no later than December 31, 2016 with a valid ID.

18.     Employees of the Supreme Ventures Group and IGT are not eligible for this promotion



·     Prizes will be drawn three times throughout the day at approximately 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

·     The prize values are listed on the board pictured above

o     There will be total of 6 winners for the day


Total Value of Prizes – Up to $50,000.00


Spin the Wheel Mechanics

o     Must be 18 years or older to enter

o     Punters who make their ticket purchase of $400 or more in any lottery games at the three (3) promotional booths (North Lounge, Clubstand and Grandstand) at Caymanas Track on December 27, 2016 will receive a coupon to spin the Lucky Wheel of Fortune.

o     The coupon should be completed with the punter’s Name, Address, Telephone number and the slogan for Supreme Ventures Limited – ‘Games People Love to Play and More!’

o     The coupon should then be handed to a SVL Promotional Representative and the customer then spins the Lucky Wheel of Fortune for novelty prizes.

o     Prizes are subject to availability and may change throughout the course of the day

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