Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has renewed its sponsorship commitment for the second staging of the prestigious thoroughbred racing event, the Diamond Mile Race Day, to the tune of J$5 million. This highly anticipated event will see horses, owners and trainers competing for the richest purse in the English speaking Caribbean of $13.5 million.

This event, hosted by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) and Caymanas Track Limited (CTL), promises to be a memorable experience for all patrons, bringing glamour, fine entertainment and excitement to the Caymanas Racing Complex on Saturday December 10, 2016.

This year, organisers are seeking to pull in over 4000 patrons to the racing complex, to experience the sport of kings in royal style, rivalling similar events on the international stage. It aims to garner investments to help generate more revenue for CTL and ultimately help all stakeholders in the horse racing fraternity. The event seeks to raise the bar in the sport in a manner that will benefit punters, owners, trainers, groomsmen, jockeys, employees and the many small vendors who look forward to large race days such as this one.

SVL’s commitment of $5 million to the race day further demonstrates its ongoing commitment to enhancing the horse racing industry. Supreme Ventures’ relationship with CTL spans over 12 years and has given rise to some $126 million in investments, symbolizing, by far, the longest corporate partnership in horse racing.

Paul Hoo - Chairman of Supreme Ventures commented, “Our vision is to return horse racing to its former glory as the sport of kings. We truly want to see it actualise its potential of being the ‘Diamond of the Caribbean.’ The Diamond Mile is one such event, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

The feature race of the day, “The Supreme Ventures Diamond Mile Race”, will showcase the best native and imported three-year-old thoroughbred horses in action over one mile. All entries for the race day will close on November 9, with the contenders announced thereafter.



Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) is a premier lottery and gaming provider, formed in Jamaica in 1995.  In June of 2001 it launched its lottery operation, with its technology provider GTECH, now IGT (International Game Technology). In 2003, SVL purchased its competitor, the Jamaica Lottery Company, consolidating lottery operations in 2004. The Company, which became publicly listed in 2006, is in the business of providing entertainment through Lottery games, Sports Betting and Video Lottery Terminals. SVL currently offers some eleven lottery games, in addition to the JustBet and QuickSports products and the Acropolis Gaming Lounges. It also includes wholly owned subsidiary Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited. There are currently some 1200 lottery agents.

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