Kingston, Jamaica, Wednesday - November 25, 2015:

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has announced its planned change to the Lotto Game matrix that will make the game easier to win starting November 29, 2015


Players of the life-changing Lotto game will now have one less number in the game pool, to select six (6) for a jackpot hit. The Lotto game will use numbers raging from one to thirty-eight (1 – 38) in the draw.


Jhanelle Davis, Corporate Communications Officer of SVL said: "With one less number to choose from, there will be better chances to win millions in the new Lotto game matrix. Your Lotto ticket could very well become the ticket to your dreams!"


SVL has also removed Multiplier option from the game matrix and added an increase in winnings for the Match 5 plus Bonus Ball tier. 


"Players who miss the Jackpot by one ball will win a bigger share of the prize pool as we have raised the percentage in the prize pool for the Match 5 plus Bonus Ball payout." Davis added.


The first draw for the new Lotto game matrix will take place on Wednesday – December 2, 2015.


The Lotto draw is broadcast live on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:25pm on Television Jamaica (TVJ), with the audio component aired simultaneously on IRIE FM and Hitz 92FM.



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