MAY 23, 2015

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) is pleased to announce that the Super Lotto Jackpot for last night’s draw #588 (May 22, 2015) in the amount of J$196,500,000, was hit by a player in Jamaica.  

One lucky person with a J$200 ticket purchased in St. Elizabeth, won the split price amount of the Super Lotto Jackpot with winning numbers:

07, 12, 13, 24, 30 and Super Ball 03. This Super Lotto player won J$117,900,000 or the USD equivalent of $1,020,000.   The live draw was held in Jamaica and broadcast live on Television Jamaica (TVJ) at 8:30pm.

SVL started selling tickets on August 25, 2009 for the Super Lotto multi-jurisdictional game, which is the first game of its kind in the Caribbean and Latin America. The participating territories are: Jamaica, Barbados, St. Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Maarten, Paraguay and the US Virgin Islands. In addition to Jamaica, the game has also produced winners in St. Maarten and Barbados respectively. This is the 4th hit for Jamaica.

Super Lotto players are encouraged to check their tickets today, as someone out there is a Jamaican Super Millionaire. The lucky winner will be required to claim his/her prize in Jamaica at the Supreme Ventures Corporate Office in New Kingston. SVL will provide information on the winner as soon as the prize is claimed.

The starting jackpot for Super Lotto Draw #589 on May 26, 2015 is J$173,500,000.



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