Jamaica's Super Lotto winner of game draw #214 has claimed the prize. The soft spoken winner from Manchester won the advertised jackpot of J$387M. However, because he opted to purchase the ticket at the split price option of J$150, his share of the Super Lotto Jackpot was $232.2M. He accepted the prize cheque from Paul Hoo, Chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), on 19th October 2011.

Brian George, President & CEO of Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), the lottery company that sells the Super Lotto tickets in Jamaica said, "We are so pleased that the second winner of the multi-jurisdictional game is from Jamaica. Although concerned about the publicity that will surely push him into the limelight and the attendant security concerns for his family, he has kindly cooperated with the plans of the Super Lotto consortium to celebrate his good fortune."

This lucky winner will take home approximately J$203M after the required taxes for the various jurisdictions, a tidy sum for a hardworking and now retired resident in the cool climes of Jamaica.  The lucky winner said, "I have played the game from it started, buying tickets for every draw at different SVL locations. This lucky ticket was bought at the George Bird Shell Service Station outlet in Mandeville, Manchester.  I bought two sets of numbers on the ticket at J$150 each.  I am so happy, it's unbelievable!"

The winner plans to put financial arrangements in place to benefit his family. With eight grandchildren growing up quickly, their future is of paramount importance to this winner. He will be looking at various investment packages to select the best options for their benefit.

The Super Lotto game is played in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and LILHCO (Barbados, Antigua, Anguilla, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, US Virgin Islands).


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