** If any discrepancy arises regarding the winning numbers published on our website, the corresponding live draw results for the respective draw date and draw number will stand as the official winning numbers.


How to Play

Players simply choose three numbers from 0 to 9 and have the chance to win up to $600,000 in each draw. Televised drawings are conducted daily (Sunday to Saturday) at 8:30am, 10:30am, 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and
8:25 p.m. on Television Jamaica and IRIE FM Radio Station.   

Pick 3 Exotic Bets: Players can pick their numbers in four ways:


Straight: This means that for you to win, your numbers must come out in the exact order, for example 4,7,8. This is the hardest bet to win and therefore has the highest reward. A $10 bet pays $6,000.

Mix: This means that for you to win, your numbers can come out in any order. However, the payout is determined on the system, by the numbers you choose and the maximum number of ‘mix’ combinations that can be played for those numbers. The payouts are as follows:

  • Mix 6-Way: If you choose three different numbers they can mix up to six combinations (e.g. 478, 487, 874, 847, 748, and 784). This is easier to win than a straight bet. A $10 bet returns $1,000.
  • Mix 3-Way: This is a little harder to win than the six-way mix because you are repeating one or more of the numbers. For example 477 in any order would be - 477, 747, and 774. A $10 Mix -3-way bet returns $2,000. Globally, lotteries pay you more when your specific bet is harder to win.

Back-up: A Back-up bet combines a Straight bet with a Mix bet in equal amounts. If you select the Back-up and your favorite number (478) is drawn in exact order, you win the Straight bet and the Mix bet as well. If your numbers happen to come out in a different order say 748, you win the Mix payout only and your payout is dependent on the number of maximum combinations for the numbers bought. A minimum Back-up bet is $20 and must be in multiples of $20.

Prize Payout Chart

Wager Type

Odds 1:         


J$1 Wager     


J$10 Wager



% Payout


Three numbers can match in exact order.



J$ 600






Mix – 3 way

One of the numbers is repeated (Eg. 122, 133). Number can play in any order. Three possible combinations. (i.e. BOX)





J$ 200



J$ 2,000





Mix – 6 way

All three numbers are different. No. can play in any order. Six possible combinations.
(i.e. BOX)








J$ 1,000



59.88 %


Back- Up

The three numbers can match in exact order or in any order.


Straight &

Mix 6-way





 J$ 600    &

J$ 100




J$ 6,000   &

J$ 1,000



60.0%   &



NOTE: The back–up is a combination-play that splits 50%:50% the wager into a straight 


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