** If any discrepancy arises regarding the winning numbers published on our website, the corresponding live draw results for the respective draw date and draw number will stand as the official winning numbers.

How to play LUCKY5

Lucky5 is a very exciting and dynamic mini lottery, where players have several chances to win.

  • When playing Lucky5, a player has to select five numbers from the field of numbers 1 to 26; Five winning numbers are then selected during the live draw and players win by correctly matching all 5, any 4 or any 3 of the winning numbers;
  • Effective October 4, 2010 the top tier (Match 5) prize for Lucky5 is guaranteed at $800,000 and is pari-mutuel.  All other prizes are pari-mutuel based on the percentage of sales allocated to the tier level.
  • Draws are seven days a week from Sunday to Saturday, and are held live on Television Jamaica and on IRIE FM radio at 8:25 pm;
  • The minimum wager per ticket is $30;
  • There is no one way to select numbers. Players can win by matching 5 numbers in any order
  • A player can place a wager on several different five number selections for one draw if he or she chooses;
  • Players must be 18 years or older



Match 5: 65,780:1

Match 4:  626.48:1

Match 3:    31.32:1



What is a System bet?

With a System Bet the on-line terminal or “system” generates all possible combinations of the numbers selected by the player. The player wins when their selected numbers match the system-generated numbers.

What is a System 7 bet?

A System 7 bet allows the player to select seven (7) numbers. There are twenty-one (21) possible combinations of these seven numbers that will be generated by the system.Lucky 5 System 7

  • Players will choose 7 numbers between 1 and 26.
  • The System will generate all 21 combinations of those numbers.
  • The player wins by matching 5, 4, or 3 of their selected numbers to the numbers drawn.

Ticket Cost

Because there are 21 combinations, in essence, the player will be purchasing 21 Lucky5 tickets. As a result, the cost of a System 7 ticket/bet will be $630 (21 x $30).

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