Money Time is a 1 of 38 ‘numbers’ Lottery Social Space Game with a Roulette theme.

This 1 of 38 numbers game is a “fast” action monitor-based game, that is offered either in existing lottery outlets or in locations with social settings or “destination areas,” where the play and the draw occurs in that location.

The format is a 1 of 38 game matrix which includes numbers 1 to 36, “0” and “00”.

The Money Time draw occurs every 5 minutes through the Central System, between 6am and 2am the next day. Money Time game draws take place 7 days per week (except Good Friday and Christmas Day).


Money Time uses an integrated software and hardware package that automates and animates the entire draw. A Random Number Generator (RNG), which is GLI certified, is a server application that is used to randomly select the winning number for the game. 

The winning number selected for each draw is displayed on a monitor via an animated Draw Show using a roulette wheel graphic. The Show consists of the draw countdowns, retail messaging, in some cases advertisements, the Official Draw and Draw Recaps.  The Money Time program plays in sequence and is looped to play continuously.

Pools close 10 seconds before the draw.

How to Play

Players may place a Money Time wager on any number between 1 to 36, ‘0’ or ‘00’. The number selection can be via:

  • Use bet slip to choose their 1 of 38  number
  • Manually asking the retailers for their 1 of 38  number
  • Choosing Quick Pick for their 1 of 38  number

Players have the ability to select more than one bet on a single ticket.  The number of maximum bets on a single ticket could vary as Jamaica has variable length ticket. 
The maximum number of boards using a bet slips is ten (10), four (4) for manual and six (6) Quick Pick.

The minimum wager for Money Time is $10.

Prize Taxes   

The payment of prizes may be subject, by application of laws and regulations, to withholding or other taxes which must be paid by Supreme Ventures to the taxing authorities on behalf of a Claimant.  The Claimant will receive the prize after deduction of the applicable taxes.

20% tax is drawn for prizes >= JMD 15,000.00

Theoretical Prize Payout 

The expected prize payout for the Money Time game is highlighted below.

  • If the number selected during the draw is from 1- 36, the prize payout will be $260.00 for every JMD10 wagered
  • If 0 is selected during the draw, the prize payout will be $270.00 for every JMD10 wagered
  • If 00 is selected during the draw the prize payout will be $280.00 for every JMD10 wagered

  Money Time game’s theoretical prize structure based on JMD10 price per wager

Advanced Wagering

Describes the option for a player to skip a draw and to participate in the draws following the draw that the player initially skipped
Advance wagering is not allowed for the Money Time game.

Multi Draw Wagering

Multi Draw Wagering allows the players to wager on multiple consecutive draws. The number of Multi-Draws available is dependent on whether the wager is via Bet Slip or manual.

For the Money Time game, if a player uses a Bet Slip, then Multi-Draw Wagers will be for the next consecutive 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35.  Players can wager a maximum of 35 consecutive draws including the initial draw.

System Wagering

In System Wagering, players have the option to select multiple combinations of the matrix, by selecting more numbers. The Money Time game does not have system wagering.

Exchange ticket

When a Multi-Draw Wager Ticket is a winning ticket during the draws in which a ticket is bought for, the player would be able to validate his/her ticket.  The system will then print a ticket with the same play numbers and the remaining draw numbers on that ticket.  This new Money Time ticket with the remaining draw numbers and the original play numbers is the Exchange.

 Fixed prizes

Regardless of the number of winners in a given division, the prize money for that division will be paid to the winners of that division as advertised.

In Money Time, the prizes for the game regardless of the number of winners will always be fixed amounts.


Cancellation is not offered for the Money Time game.

Validation/Prize Payments

Players may check their tickets for Money Time winning numbers by:

  • Visiting a lottery retailer or location with a Supreme Ventures lottery terminal. Players may scan their tickets on the ticket scan machine (at selected retailers) or ask the terminal operator to check the ticket.
  • Viewing the Money Time monitor at the retailer location. The last 10 Money Time winning numbers will be on display.
  • Checking the Supreme Ventures website.
  • Checking the Supreme Ventures app on their smartphone.

Prizes up to JMD 54,999 may be claimed at any Supreme Ventures Agent/Retailer.

Prizes up to JMD120,000 can be claimed at any Supreme Ventures Regional Retail Centre front line terminal.

Prizes up to JMD300,000 can be claimed at the Supreme Ventures Regional Office or the Prize Payment Centre.

Prizes above JMD500,000 must be claimed at the Supreme Ventures Prize Payment Centre.

Claiming a Prize

Money Time game tickets are invalid if presented for validation after the period stipulated by the lottery following the Draw for which Wagers on such Game Ticket were purchased.

The game’s prize amounts shall be payable after the validation of the ticket and up to 90 days from the date of the draw.  Claimants must present valid photographic ID, and comply with other Lottery or statutory requirements when claiming a prize greater than the $54,999 amount that can be cashed by the Lottery agents. 

Under special circumstances, the Supreme Ventures has the right to delay or defer payment of any prize for up to certain number of days from the draw date.  Such special circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • The presentation of disputed or fraudulent game tickets
  • Legal issues arising from the death of a winner or Claimant prior to payment of the prize amounts or share thereof
  • Ineligible Claimants
  • Technical issues with the winning game ticket validation