Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) is a premier lottery and gaming provider, formed in Jamaica in 1995 by the current Chairman, Paul Hoo, Deputy Chairman, Ian Levy and the late Peter Stewart.

In June of 2001, SVL launched its lottery operation, with its technology provider GTECH, now IGT (International Game Technology).

In 2003, SVL purchased its competitor, the Jamaica Lottery Company, consolidating and raising the standard of lottery operations in 2004.

The Company, which became listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on February 28, 2006, provides entertainment through Lottery Games, Sports Betting and Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs). The VLT arm of the business is operated under the Acropolis brand with the primary outlet in Kingston opening in July 2005.

In August 2009, Supreme Ventures became the first provider of a multijurisdictional lottery game, Super Lotto, for gamers in eight countries in the Caribbean.

SVL currently offers some 11 lottery games, in addition to the JustBet and QuickSports products and the Acropolis Gaming Lounge.

It also includes wholly owned subsidiary Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited. There are currently some 1,200 lottery agents islandwide.

In February of 2017, Supreme Ventures was successful in its bid to become the sole operators of Caymanas Park.

SVL, which has consistently supported the horseracing industry, assumed control of the operations of Caymanas Park on March 7.

Right alongside Supreme Ventures’ commitment to high operational standards, is the company’s commitment to building a better nation. SVL contributes in excess of $1 billion to the CHASE Fund annually.

SVL has been one of the dominant supporters of track and field through its sponsorship of the JAAA National Championships for 13 years and netball through its continued support of Netball Jamaica.

Through the Supreme Ventures Foundation, millions have been funneled into health and education, with an emphasis on children with special needs.

The Supreme Ventures staff also put their time and energy into social outreach including the Annual Bun and Cheese Easter Egg Hunt that has benefitted over 1,200 Jamaican children in State care.